For Funsies

This is a collection of some things I've done on the side, either for fun, to learn, to grow or really all of the above. I always felt that it's mentally healthy to create things outside of the day-to-day work, just for the sake of curiosity and learning - I just wish I practiced what I preached more. ;)

Eat.Drink.SEA - a fun, little website my friend and I created to quickly give newcomers and veterans of Seattle on-the-go top 10 lists of places to visit for things like coffee and local flavor.

Explorations on illustration style

Flannel Elephant - an idea my friend and I had for a small side business of creating hand-crafted, well-designed websites. I created our brand out of love for the typical Pacific Northwest flannel combining with a friendly elephant. Unfortunately, we didn't pursue the business further but it was fun nonetheless to dream a bit.

Home page explorations
Brand explorations

Pokeball 3D Model - I've always wanted to learn how to model 3D objects. I decided to start with something fun and small that I knew from memory - a Pokeball! I used Cinema 4D to build the model as I found it was easier to ramp up on than other 3D CAD programs.

Working the Pokeball in Cinema 4D

Multi-color Icon Font - icon fonts are becoming commonplace on the web with the pervasiveness of high density displays. However, they are limited to a single color due to browser standards. For a hackathon, I decided to experiment with creating a multi-color icon font using the raw SVG files for each icon. The technique was inspired by the folks on Stackicons. The code is available on GitHub.

Breakdown of different layers of each SVG icon
Collection of icons as a multicolor icon font